Singing Matters in the Real World 

Young Singer Serving in the NICU

Young Singer Serving in the NICU


The following is an excerpt from my book The 21st Century Singer: Making the Leap from the University into the World.

Know that it is possible to experience great joy as you engage in meaningful work of which you are proud; soulful work that confronts you with challenges and develops your skills; work that is aligned with your mission in life. This work you enjoy doing for its own sake, work that provides you with significant material and spiritual rewards.                                                                                                        ~Fred Kofman, Conscious Business

     "Singing has great value to those whose minds clear and muscles relax upon hearing an exquisite rendition of the Lakmé duet. Singing matters to sick children who need calming before or after a difficult surgery. Singing matters to the opera listener who feels uplifted and inspired by the sheer power of the human voice. Singing matters to the dejected who need the message of hope delivered in song. Singing matters to those who need to connect with others in community. Singing matters to patriots filled with love for country at the sound of their national anthems. Classical musicians can serve as healers, community unifiers, cultural ambassadors, brain stimulators, stress relievers, and entertainers. This chapter will help you find the right place for your singing in this 21st-century world that so desperately needs your skill and voice. The movie trailer for this chapter would be like this: in a world where concert halls are empty and computer screens are full the native people, starved for human connection and beauty, are rescued just in the nick of time by one soprano's exalted rendition of Rusalka's "Song to the Moon" in the city square."

This is the opening of Chapter Three, Innovative Stages: Trend Spotting, Finding Your Niche. This chapter is about the singers who are making their differences in the real world through service to their communities. Excellence in artistry is needed everywhere. If you can find a cause or community organization who could use what you have to offer, you are on your way to finding your own niche. Just think about what listening to your favorite performer does for you and ask yourself -- could I do that for someone else? If your answer is YES, you've already got a great start on your unique career path. Follow that and become excellent at it. When you sing for a tangible purpose, your singing gets better fast. You are motivated to do your very best every time. Sing like it matters...because it does, and you know it. I'll leave you with this for today:

The world needs that voice and spirit only YOU can give.